Xxxfreelivesex - 10 rules to dating my son

You eventually will be required to finance my son's adventure-seeker and artist lifestyle.

10 rules to dating my son-7

We also will test your capabilities as entertainer: Are you able to invent new activities and are you up-to-date with exhibitions and performing arts?

We will conduct a naked-body-paint contest with you.

It doesn't harm to bring your older sister (or young mom) to entertain me. If you want to hug and kiss they boys in front of me, feel free to do so.

However the house rules require that you hug and kiss me too.

While it is still a bit early for them to enter the mating-and-dating game, I think knowing the rules well in advance helps a lot. We like the open minded, cheerful, passionate and authentic being. So if you like one of my boys, make the first move!

) with sons only, I had to put up the rules for dating them. We pity people who think they need to follow certain patterns instead of being themselves.You earn bonus points if you do so in your mom's (or dad's) Ferrari.Don't drive an SUV, unless you invite him to a true off-road adventure. So make sure you try them both and provide an adequate friend for the other one.Sure my son is fun, but he’s also a student; and in our house, school comes before fun.That means he won’t be taking you to the mall, the movies or out to dinner on a school night. What rules do you have when your son starts dating? Or, if you have a son, some girl will just happen to be in your neighborhood and show up not fully clothed, asking to see your baby. I will ask you a lot of questions and make sure you know that I know how special my son is.

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