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Make a large portion of your dates from online by realizing what blindsides and slip-ups might get in your direction.

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It seems that you can’t go wrong if you date online in January.

Match’s “Peak Season” spans from December 26 to February 14 annually.

Last year, there were more “Likes” ( 33 percent), more “Charms” ( 13 percent), and more “Crushes” aka matches ( 19 percent) made during that time, which means users are more likely to find love come 2017, Happn tells Bustle.

"The New Year comes with new opportunities," Claire Certain, Happn’s Head of Global Trends and Events, tells Bustle.

Several dating apps report a ~huge~ increase in users on January 1. The app usually sees a 50 percent lift in registrations the Sunday after New Year’s, Hinge tells Bustle.

For instance, on POF, signups are expected to reach 110,546, which is a 48 percent increase above the average daily rate in 2016. Not only do Google Trends show that “dating” is searched more during the first week of the year, but Sundays are the most popular day to have a conversation, so to speak, with someone online.

Here is what some popular dating sites and apps found about their users in January.

So if you’re planning on online and/or app dating in 2017, you may want to get your online dating profile ready. New Year’s Day will be the biggest dating day of the year for Hinge, too.

Last year, there were more 'Likes,' more 'Charms,' and more 'Crushes' made during the week of January 1, which means users have a much better chance of finding love in the New Year." POF projects that Sunday, January 8 will be the second busiest day for them, with an expected 103,910 signups.

And for the month of January, signups are expected to exceed 2.5 million. So next time you wonder why your friends seem so MIA in January, now you know.

For 18- to 24-year-olds, the percentage has nearly tripled from 10 percent in 2013 to 27 percent today.

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